Bob Millard

Senior Strategy Manager, Linklaters

“Ive known Steve for eighteen years, since we linked up through a business network in 1994. He is an extraordinarily talented HR professional with a knack for matching people to occupations. I'd recommend him as somebody that will help you get your peoples' performance to a new level, in ways that will surprise you.”

Pete Ferreira

Managing Director, Minova

“Steve has been associated with Minova RSA for some four years now and I believe with the help from Steve, we started laying a foundation and can now start building on it. We have made great strides in people development and assessment. We need to continue this growth path to get the best out of our people and to choose the right people. Steve is the one to help us facilitate this process of improving the capability and performance of our staff.”

Anne Grunow

Chief Human Resources Officer, Fedgroup

“I have worked with Steve Rogers and the team at Right People Right Job for more than 10 years and the reason for the longevity of the business relationship is because they are what they purport to be - an organisation that is all about people. Steve knows his subject matter inside out and provides useful and detailed insights into any person or department. The work he has done with us over the years is invaluable and we have been able to apply the results throughout the company, particularly with respect to recruitment, promotions, and team restructuring. He makes use of tools that are easily accessible, and he readily imparts his knowledge enabling others to learn and upskill along the way. As a consultant, Steve has always delivered work that is of the highest standard. He goes above and beyond the scope of the work and provides sound and practical advice along the way. Steve is the epitome of professionalism and relates to all people at all levels. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Steve Rogers and his team.”

Zieshan Karim

Principal Consultant at PA Consulting | Agile Transformation Expert | Future Organisations | SPC 5.1

“Andy mentored me in 2019. I found Andy to be an excellent mentor who encouraged me to find a career that was suited to my interests and goals. His knowledge was very insightful, and he was always there to provide advice when I needed it most. Andy has an excellent track record, and I would urge anyone who is thinking about pursuing a new role to get in touch with him. The advice he has provided me over the year has proved to be very valuable indeed.”

Rebecca Trotsky

VP People & Employee Relations Strategy, HR Acuity

“I highly recommend Andy as an amazing partner in developing executive leaders- both as teams and as individuals. I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Andy during my role in Europe. Our leadership team at the time had many strong, knowledgeable and passionate leaders, but we weren't connected and working together as a team as much as we needed to for that changing environment. He listened to our goals and challenges and designed a program that challenged us, made us uncomfortable at times, and pushed us forward- together. I learned about Organizational Network Analysis from him (this was before it was "cool" :)), and it made such a difference in how our team performed! He also coached some of our leaders as individuals- to help them develop in their current roles and to prepare them to take on new challenges. Although I was the HR partner working with him on these programs, he always took the time to support me on my own journey- he was a coach to me too! I will forever be grateful for his direct, honest, and brave approach with our (somewhat!) challenging team of strong leaders. And I look forward to working with him again very soon!”

Pierre Liautaud

Board Member | Executive Vice President | International Business Leader

“I am pleased to recommend Andy for his outstanding help as my executive coach, working with me from April 2009 till January 2010, as I was going through an important transition in my professional career. Andy delivered well beyond my expectations, and I feel I owe him a lot. Andy is a very bright psychologist and at the same time very business-oriented so we never lost sight of the goal we had set.”

Tony Braniff

Successful Entrepreneur

“I retained Andy Milward’s services between 1991 and 1994 to help me with several business challenges with our software and services business in Scandinavia, Germany and East/Central Europe. He demonstrated considerable entrepreneurial ability as well as the skill to manage complex change in a culturally diverse setting. Andy did a terrific job in turning around our failing Swedish operation and helping our German business to achieve its targets.”

Dick Hoell

HR Director, Microsoft

“We have used Andy at Microsoft since 2006 as both an Executive Coach for the VP of our Consulting business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and as an organisational development consultant. He has done an outstanding job in both roles. As an Executive Coach, he has helped one of our senior leaders successfully address a number of very challenging issues which has led to a remarkable turn around of his performance and increased credibility with stakeholders. This was verified with a 360 degree feedback process that Andy developed and delivered this year. In addition, Andy has developed several very successful development workshops for our senior leadership team that again resulted in demonstrable positive results. I would enthusiastically recommend him for both coaching and organisation consulting work, and would be happy to discuss our experiences with Andy in more detail by phone.”

Pier Sante (Nino) Olivotto

Founder & Managing Partner, Presso Olivotto S.R.L. cr

“I did enjoy Andy’s organizational advisor role in multiple situations at Microsoft. The key differentiators of Andy’s added value are state of the art know how transfer with top research universities, innnovative approach in addressing the most complex organizational issues, automated tools to support his research approach.”

Ray Riley

North America Lead, Soil Carbon Co.

“We engaged Andy during the planning period for a major acquisition integration. He did a great job of helping us step back and understand the people aspects that are critical to delivering both the desired culture and results.”